Born on 1th February in 1980 in Moscow - Russia. Artem finished an art college in 1997, and graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Design in Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry with

a diploma in 2003. For a long time he worked as a designer in various professional areas.

Due to the lack of creative realization, he took up his own independent creativity.

Artem has been professionally engaged in the creation of paintings and

graphics since 2009. The author is working and experimenting with

a variety of paintings and graphic materials and techniques.

He prefers a sophisticated synthesis of oil glazing

techniques, collages, scratching and his

own techniques. Sometimes Artem

spends his free time outdoors,

creating landscapes in dry

pastel or oil.


For more information

about each of my works

can be found on this website.


I have several exhibitions in Moscow, and Kiev.

Past exhibitions:


- "Artist's Book" 2012, Museum of Book and Printing of Ukraine, Kiev / Ukraine
- "Project Rutabook" 2012, Kharkov Municipal Gallery, Kharkov / Ukraine

- Festival "Штурмові загони Ґутенберґа" 2012, Kiev / Ukraine

- “Travel” 2017, the Ark Gallery, Moscow / Russia

- "Dialectics and metaphysics of the city" 2017., gallery "Belyaevo", Moscow / Russia

- "Not only painting" 2017, Central House of Artists, Moscow / Russia

- "City trip" 2017. Exhibition Hall "Tushino", Moscow / Russia

- Participated in the project "Museum Night" in the "International Association of Designers"

 All works © Artem Ogurtsov. Every use without the explicit permission by the artist is strictly forbidden.

© Артем Огурцов. Использование материалов без согласия автора запрещено. 

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